Kidney Stones

General Information

400,000 hospitalizations annually

Peak 30-50yo

Men:Women 3:1

Caucasians:AA  5:1

Recurrence 15% 3 years, 30% 15 years

Average 9 years between episodes

12% incidence industrialized countries




Calcium Oxalate 36-70 %

Calcium Phosphate (hydroxyapatite) 6-20 %

Mixed Calcium Oxalate and calcium phosphate 11-31 %

Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (struvite) 6-20 %

Uric acid 6-17 %

Cystine 0.5-3 %


Management: General

“The solution is dilution”

8-10 10oz glasses H2O/day  (at least 2.5-3 liters per day)

Void > 2.L urine per day (keep clear)

Low animal protein diet

low oxylate diet

Low sodium diet

Increase citrate in diet with medication, or lemons in water

Surgical treatment???  


Dr. Schock is a member of the Michigan Institute of Urology - the most comprehensive and respected urology group in Michigan


Mondays in LIVONIA     (734) 261-7401
Wednesdays in NOVI    (248) 426-1300
Thursdays in WARREN  (586) 758-0123


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