Minimally Invasive Office Procedures

Many disorders in the field of Urology require some form of intervention.  Some are conservative utilizing only behavioral modification and medication, while others employ surgical techniques.  Atlthough Dr. Schock is fully certified to perform Urological surgery, he prefers to always consider the least invasive options for his patients.


The concept of minimally invasive office based procedures in Urology is not new, but many new advanced techniques have been developed to make the patient experience as positive as possible; often requiring minimal or no anesthesia.  Dr. Jeffrey Schock and his associates at Tri-County Urologists, P.C., offer the most advanced technology to their patients in the office based settings.  Below is a list of just some of the office based (FDA approved) options available:



Microwave therapy for the treatment of enlarged prostates (BPH) that have caused bladder problems.  Most patients after the procedure don't require any further prostate medications.



A procedure used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). It is performed by placing interstitial radiofrequency (RF) needles through the urethra and into the lateral lobes of the prostate.  Most patients after the procedure don't require any further prostate medications.



A procedure approved for the treatment of overactive bladder and incontinence.  The first stage can be performed in the office and typically takes only about 15 minutes. 


Bladder biopsy

When indicated, can be performed in the office utilizing gentle, flexible instrumentation.



Treatment of genital warts can be done with a simple quick office procedure.



Every contraceptive method can be discussed and counseling is available for you to choose the proper method of birthcontrol and protection thats right for you and your family.  If Vasectomy is the chosen alternative we do it safely and comfortably in one of our office procedure rooms.


Cystoscopy of the bladder

We utilize the most advanced flexible endoscopes available on the market


Prostate Biopsy 

When indicated, can be performed under local anesthesia



Injection therapy for the treatment of stress incontinence, can be performed under local anesthesia



Urodynamics are done for the purpose of evaluating bladder function, is performed at Tri-County Urology under the most soothing patient sensitive and friendly environment possible.


Verapamil injection therapy

Used for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease